Welcome to Class!

Does this sound familiar?

  • Feel like you had a rushed or incomplete education about periods?
  • Are you increasingly tired of the run-around when seeking answers about your cycle?
  • Are you empowered to regain control of your body and cycle by learning more about the phases of your cycle?
  • Do you dread what is to come each month?

“Get to Know Your Flow” is a 4-Week Online Course that is to guide you in understanding the fluctuations of your cycle. By doing so, you will have more information about yourself and how you can now use this to live in harmony with your cycle and what you can do to help regulate it.  

Resolve to have better periods in the new year.   Enroll NOW  for only $97.

Here’s what you will add to your life:

  • What are the phases of the cycle according to Western medicine?
  • What are the phases of the cycle according to Eastern medicine?
  • Why knowing the difference can help you?
  • What foods are good to incorporate in your diet?
  • What to expect mentally and emotionally as the cycle ebbs and flows?
  • What can you do to sync up and harmonize your daily activity to your cycle?

So tell me…

Are you ready for easier cycles, less cramps, more regular and predictable cycle?

Register TODAY to start having better periods today!

Course Materials

Your handy dandy provided workbook and you!