Current Foundation Campaign

The Sisters of Flow Foundation is currently in the middle of a campaign to raise funds for pads and tampons to send to those affected by Hurricane Matthew. You can support the campaign at:

Imagine everything you own is washed away as a hurricane barrels through your country. Clothes, food, favorite music, dishes, family photos, books – everything lost.

Then your period starts on time despite Hurricane Matthew wreaking havoc. You have no supplies to prevent the blood from staining the few clothes you have.

This is the reality that thousands of women and girls face right now in Haiti, but you can give them access to essential menstrual products while they rebuild her lives.

Our goal is to raise $2,500, providing more than 5,500 units of pads, tampons, liners and wipes to those who menstruate in Haiti.

Please support this campaign. One package of pads and tampons only costs from $4 – $7/pack, but periods occur on a daily basis. We want to support as many of those who menstruate living in the storm’s aftermath as possible.

How many can you help?  Can click here and share with friends/family who may want to help.

Who am I and why do I care?  I am De’Nicea Hilton, a Doctor of Oriental Medicine. My practice focuses on women’s reproductive health. As I help women experience better menstrual cycles, I often think about those who may not have access to basic menstrual products. It is truly a privilege and blessing that I am able to easily purchase products every month that protect my clothes from stains. For some women having this simple convenience is difficult or just unattainable.

This is why I created the Sisters of Flow Foundation. I started by collecting products to donate to local organizations providing services for the homeless in the Tampa Bay area, with a larger vision to support others internationally. Hurricane Matthew’s devastation in Haiti is a compelling time to reach out.

Funds raised will support the Sisters of Flow Foundation, Inc. whose mission is to educate the public about menstrual cycles and reproductive health and to provide free and reduced cost feminine hygiene products and health services to those who menstruate.

“Menstruation affects 100% of the population and no one should have to menstruate without products,”  De’Nicea, founder of the Sisters of Flow Foundation, Inc.