Our Guests

Much gratitude to our guests who joined the flow-versation about menstrual cycles!  They have much to offer in this field.  Be sure to check out their episode and connect with them.

Jennifer Weiss-Wolf
Jennifer Weiss-WolfAuthor
Jennifer shares how she helped slay the tampon tax in New York
Claire Coder
Claire CoderFounder, Aunt Flow
Claire shares the buy one get one model of pads and tampons
Holly Grigg-Spall
Holly Grigg-Spall
Holly gives us the truth about hormonal birth control
Emily Stein
Emily SteinCertified Personal Trainer, Yamuna Body Rolling
Emily flows about body rolling for better periods.
Richard Rawald
Richard RawaldBenefits Advisor, Rawald Insurance Solutions and Enterprise
Rich shows us how to protect our paycheck by protecting our period
Brodie Welch, L.Ac., M.S.O.M.
Brodie Welch, L.Ac., M.S.O.M.Licensed Acupuncturist, Chinese Medical Expert and Self-Care Strategist
Brodie flows about how busy lifestyle affects the period.
Tina Dietz, MS, NCC
Tina Dietz, MS, NCCCreative Business & Lifestyle Design Expert, Owner of StartSomething Creative Business Solutions
Tina flows with us about using your period to guide you in business planning and more.
Keri Dillon
Keri DillonKinesiologist, Keri Dillon Ferility Coach
Keri shares with us how kinesiology can help with menstrual pain and improving fertility health.
Lana Friesen
Lana FriesenFounder, Blood Cycle Conference
Lana flows about her personal period story and the plans for the Blood Cycle Conference.
Anita Thomas
Anita ThomasLMT, Owner, Serene Bodyworks
Anita shares with us the benefits of fertility massage – something most do not know about.
Doniss Hicks, RD
Doniss Hicks, RDOwner, Living 4 Life Wellness LLC
Doniss shares his experience as the husband of someone with fibroids, including using his career history in dietetics to help.
Kalisto Zenda Nanen
Kalisto Zenda NanenFreelance Writer, Blogger, Broadcast Journalist
Kalisto flows with Dr. D about how menstruation is not just for women.
Tristin Becker-Ware
Tristin Becker-WareDirector of Education, The Florida Aquarium
Tristin dispels myths about swimming with your period.
Sophia Hoffer-Perkins
Sophia Hoffer-PerkinsOwner, Sophia Wise One
Sophia Wise One takes us on a journey of intravaginal shamanic healing for menstrual cramps and more.
Angela Tisdale
Angela TisdaleOwner, Ultimate Stomping Ground
Athlete and trainer, Angela, flows about being an athlete and how that affected her cycle.