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Decrease environmental waste by using reusable pads! They are not as difficult to use as you may think. Reusable diapers are already being used and both have been used for years. Sarah Callaway and Mike Pitman share how they came into opening House of Callaway and the process for using reusable pads, including how you can transition to using them easily.


About Sarah Callaway and Mike Pitman:

Owners, House of Callaway

Sarah and Mike own a business, known as House of Callaway, which sells handmade cloth menstrual pad and other items such as handmade earrings, bunting and salt deodorant. The business was started while the pair were still in university in South Wales but it was met with such great adversity that the story of it appeared in the national newspapers. The overall goal of the business is to provide women with an eco-friendly option of sanitary protection while helping them to avoid unnecessary chemicals found in disposable products and save money in the long term.



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