Sacred Period Rituals: Flow-versation with Omolewa Jennifer Thedford

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A painful feeling during the menstrual cycle and hating your period? Our guest, Omolewa Jennifer Thedford, dives deep into sharing her personal period experience and advocating for women to appreciate and understand their period.

Omolewa awakened her desire to help people in their community after she got pregnant, experienced an awful situation and didn’t get support from elders. She witnessed the same situation for women around their community and found the missing links to be: birth, breastfeeding, and killing of the womb. Omolewa wants to be an instrument for the connection of these missing links to restore the birth culture.

Omolewa honors the sacred blood, the body’s needs and wants by performing spiritual rituals and ceremonies using water, a variety of herbs, menstrual blood (blood of the womb) that completely transform her life.

Due to the sensitivity women have during their cycle, rest is very important and part of her practice.

Another part of her practice is using entheogenic mushrooms to further connect to a higher level of consciousness – something you should not do alone!

Omolewa serves as a light for other women showing them they can connect to other dimensions, people, and energies during their cycles.  This gives women an opportunity to gain knowledge and wisdom from spirit and ancestors.

According to her, flowing blood gives her light and power.

Omolewa highly recommends getting into the true essence of self and facing fear and ego. “The things we fear the most are the things that help us get to where we need to be.” -Omolewa

Thank you, Omolewa, for joining the flow-versation!  If you would like to check out Omolewa and work with her, she can be reached at any of her various outlets.


About Omolewa: Omolewa is a loving Mother, Holistic Massage Therapist & Doula, Midwives Assistant, Placenta Alchemist and Urban Gardener. As a Massage Therapist of 12 years she has shared her gift of healing touch and Earth medicine with women, men, children and elders in her community. Through this healing work she has cultivated her ancestral and spiritual gifts as womb worker, keeper of ancient plant medicine, sacred ceremonies and women’s Blood mysteries.


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