Sex Education = Period Education: Flow-versation with Stella Cobb

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Most young women feel ashamed to talk about her period. The menstrual cycle seems so simple but there’s really more to learn and understand.   Stella Marie Cobb with Women’s Empowerment Zone, shares her endometriosis experience and her journey to helping women and men (girls and boys) about the menstrual cycle.

Stella grew up with such a painful menstrual cycle that she was hospitalized numerous times. She was diagnosed with endometriosis and ended up with a hysterectomy at a young age. She ended up pregnant at the young age of 14 and really needed support during this time.

Now during her parenting phase, she realized she could not teach her daughter about her period because she had not learned for herself.  Luckily, a friend was there to help!  This experience is what led Stella to educate and empower women.  She encourages learning about sex and the period, because it is learning about when you are actually fertile that girls and women can make appropriate choices when it comes to pregnancy – whether she is ready to have a baby or not.  Through speaking, she is able to help mothers deepen their relationship with their daughter in this educational process.

About Stella Marie Cobb:

Stella Marie is from Detroit, Michigan. She is a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother by inheritance of a few adult children. Spend 33 years in legal, business and medical education, training and experience, and having an Associates Degree and pursuing Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. Stella Marie is extremely passionate about helping women to discover, or rediscover their voice, so that they can step into their greatness and live the “Amazing” Life that they were destined to have!


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