WTH? OTC BCP?! (What the heck?! Over-the-Counter Birth Control Pills?!)

Do you think it’s a dangerous to dispense birth control without a prescription?

Fresh off the Election Day, we flow about the Periods for Pence Facebook page/movement/action. A mom took it into her hands to let him know about her period based on what he’s voted on. Wonder if this causes more to do the same now that he is the Vice President-Elect. Is there really a possibility that hormonal birth control pills can be made available over-the-counter without a prescription? We are not so sure that is a good idea. Lastly, we flow-verse about what may be good news for some in that ovaries may possibly be able to create more eggs, contrary to the long-held belief that we are born with what we have.

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P.S. Here are those links we talked about!

The One Thing Everyone Believes About Ovaries Might Not Be True by Laura June of New York Mag


Meet the Woman Who Calls Mike Pence Every Day to Talk About Her Period by Jenavieve Hatch with Huffington Post


Hormonal Birth Control is Too Dangerous to Dispense Without A Prescription by Arina Grossu and Patricia Livengood with The Federalist


Carmel mom is the previously unidentified woman behind Period for Pence by Shari Rudavsky of Indystar



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